A comparison of political and philosophical views between plato and aristotle

Pythagoras, another philosopher, inspired Socrates and others.

Comparison of the Philosophical Views of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle: Ancient Greek Philosophy

In Republic, as a matter of fact, he argues that the artist is removed from reality by four steps. None of the three cats is "cat-ness" itself.

The ambitious, in turn, does not know the joy of science. Confucius says his job is re-narration or re-telling but not creating; Plato insists that his ideas came from God, as mentioned above. While ignorance is reduced to a miscalculation, Plato does not consider less punishable.

Does your brain hurt yet? The purpose of this essay therefore is to compare and contrast their ideal States and to understand the theoretical and practical differences between them. Contrast this to Aristotle.

Plato and Aristotle Similarities and Differences

A lot of his writings on metaphysics, politics, and ethics come from observation rather than reason and deduction. It's up to you to determine whose argument is more convincing.

The state is a self-sufficient whole,wherears the family and the individual have no self-sufficiency but are only parts dependent upon the social life of the state. Aristotelian Political Philosophy Volume 1Athens: Plato chose to tell the reader of his Republic how men would act and what their attitudes would be in a perfect society Hacker For example, in the idea of man as such, what is there more than in the real man?

Aristotle's Political Theory

University of Notre Dame Press, It was around this age as well that they started serving in the polis, becoming well versed in civil matters and politics. University of Chicago Press,revised edition. Ethics Book VI Aristotle argued against regimes ruled by a small minority class, on the ground that such a regime cannot remain stable for long.

But Plato designed the supra-sensible world as existing alongside, outside the perceptible world. Oregon State University, During the last six thousand years, civilization and accumulation of knowledge and social complexity were only side products of upgrading wars until the two world wars.

Further, unlike Plato, Aristotle distinguished "theoretical" philosophy physics, metaphysics from "practical" philosophy ethics, politics. The primary society is the society humans are born with, and so humans are the master just as monkeys are the master of their society. Another idea takes its place, to suffer the same fate until one finds one that stands up to scrutiny.

Reason, Spirit and Appetite. Similarly, Confucius admires the color and beauty of the primary society.

What Are the Differences Between Plato and Aristotle?

The polis was set up to allow political participation on the part of the average citizen Hacker Confucius was headstrong in refusing to go into the field of original thinking while Plato forbid both the rulers and gardians to have families and properties.Now, it is Aristotle’s views that are taken into consideration, felicitating the comparison between the two.

Aristotle does use the concept of Ideas in his philosophy. Plato believes that every object has its own Idea existing in another realm, independent of time and. Jun 19,  · Plato (c - BC) and Aristotle ( - BC) are two of the most influential philosophers in history.

Socrates was also seen as a great philosopher and, as his pupil, Plato was greatly influenced by his calgaryrefugeehealth.coms: 4. Plato, student of Socrates, and Aristotle, student of Plato, two of the most influential philosophers to have ever walked the earth, take two completely different approaches whilst talking about the formation of city states and epistemology itself.

What are the differences between the philosophies of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle? Update Cancel. ad by Toptal.

For Aristotle, it was political; for Plato, it was more theologic. 2k Views · View Upvoters. Quora User, works at Galatasaray University. which means that in effect a comparison between Socrates and Plato is impossible.

How Are Plato and Aristotle Similar?

Many of Aristotle's ideas are a marriage between those of Socrates and Plato. It is said that Plato was the first political philosopher and Aristotle was the first political scientist. Both men founded schools. The primary difference between Plato and Aristotle lies in their beliefs about what was most authentic about existence.

Plato believed that ultimate reality is not present in everyday experiences. Aristotle thought that the everyday world is more authentic than Plato's otherworldly set of ideals.

A comparison of political and philosophical views between plato and aristotle
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