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The strategy of the U. In addition to its natural energy resources, Azerbaijan also gains diplomatic leverage from its pivotal geographic position for many energy transport projects. With the establishment of the U. Naval Forces in Europe. As noted, Azerbaijan has developed a deep military partnership with Israel in recent years, covering many defensive and offensive weapons systems.


Through the CGI, the Azerbaijani navy has received training in maritime special operations, WMD detection, communication, rapid response, border control and naval infrastructure. Should deterrence fail, the strategy is to rapidly deploy U. Infor the first time, post-Soviet Azerbaijan exported some 0.

This is a cause for concern, as the national budget has become increasingly dependent on oil revenues, with about three-quarters of the budget coming from the State Oil Fund of Azerbaijan SOFAZ and taxes on oil.

As a result, U. In OctoberArmenia and Turkey signed protocols for reopening their border and eliminating other tensions between the two countries, the first major step they had taken toward improving ties in the previous 16 years.

Azerbaijan also currently has almost of its own soldiers deployed in Afghanistan. General Eisenhower was, however, reluctant to be "dual- hatted" as the commander of all U.

Meanwhile, the Azerbaijani government is seeking to diversify its energy-based economy.

Assessment of the Caucasus Region for the EUCOM Commander

Recent Developments 13Dec10 7. The Azerbaijani Defense Ministry on 21 May denied reports made by a number of media outlets that the US was planning to deploy military bases in the country. Azerbaijan has also strengthened its efforts to boost relations with the United States by mobilizing the large number of Azeris living there.

A related strategic priority for Azerbaijan is to develop its littoral resources in the Caspian Sea, which contains the world's third-largest reserves of oil and natural gas as well as considerable quantities of sturgeon and other fish.

National Security Act of As you prepare your slides for this assignment, cite your sources where you got the information. Tehran recently recalled the Iranian ambassador to Azerbaijan because of a visit to Baku by the Israeli president and also allegedly tried to orchestrate the assassination of the Israeli ambassador to Azerbaijan.

Over time, Azerbaijan hopes to reduce its dependence on foreign military Azerbaijan point paper eucom and technologies by developing a national defense industry, an effort that is led by the Ministry of Defense Industry, created in The Azerbaijani authorities maintain that Nagorno-Karabakh remains a part of Azerbaijan and must be recognized as such.

There are persistent reports that the US is seeking access to three military air bases in Azerbaijan Kurdamir, Nasosnaya and Guyullah. Fighting erupted in when separatist authorities in Nagorno-Karabakh, a semi-autonomous enclave located inside Azerbaijan but with a predominantly ethnic Armenian population, claimed independence from the Azerbaijan state and then sought to join Armenia.

As such, it has the potential to serve as a powerful regional model of reform and prosperity. Finish the draft Strategic Estimate. The Chief of Staff indicated that Ahurastan be included in the Regional Study and a third course of action be developed for the brief. Turkey and Azerbaijan are further bound by extremely strong economic ties.

The European Commission has already sponsored several east-west pipeline projects, the most important of these being the Nabucco pipeline. The Caucasus References are the following: Azerbaijan also uses cultural diplomacy to reinforce its relations with European countries, with Azerbaijani charitable organizations having donated significant funding for the restoration of various historical sites in Europe.Estimates about % of Azerbaijan's territory, including most of the NK is controlled by NK Armenian forces Georgia- South Ossetia region is increasingly less able to govern or sustain itself economically and must rely on Russian aid and occupation forces.

VISION: EUCOM is engaged, postured, and ready with forward deployed U.S. forces. We will enable and execute a full range of military missions and exercises in concert with our indispensable European allies and partners to secure U.S. national interests and support a Europe that is whole, free, and at peace.

CONPLAN Caspian Guard - Common Training Scenario Azerbaijan is a secular, pro-western, majority Muslim state. had told Defense News that EUCOM planned to expand its presence in Africa.

Azerbaijan is a secular, pro-western, majority Muslim state. As such, it has the potential to serve as a powerful regional model of reform and prosperity. US European Command (EUCOM) will increase its area of responsibility. The command center is the focal point where the commander in chief or his deputy monitors and maintains contact with.

AZERBAIJAN POINT PAPER 27 September SUBJECT Assessment of the Caucasus Region ISSUE Provide the USEUCOM .

Azerbaijan point paper eucom
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