Igou ms 11 solved assignments 2013

There has to be a tradeoff between choice of model and the cost The following figure clearly explains this trade off: Are we doing things right? Improving delivery time and on-time delivery may require additional work-force, machine capacity, or inventory resources.

Of course, this probability may remain unaffected as in the case of the diagonal elements of the matrix. They are a tool to help us understand, manage, and improve what our organizations do.

It was developed by two guys at the Harvard There is no extrinsic trigger for placing an order quantity or a review period. Ideally, performance measures should be expressed in units of measure that are the most meaningful to those who must use or make decisions based on those measures.

IGNOU Assignment sheets should be properly pinned neatly and assignments should be made separate for each course. Various lot-sizing policies are possible.

IGNOU MBA MS-11 Solved Assignment 2013

If the students who got pass mark in theory but failed in the assignment paper, then they should resubmit the assignment paper to the regional study center of IGNOU. This gives the gross requirement of the material. A stockout is an inability to satisfy the demand for a stock item when it occurs. Planned stockouts may be used, but only when the expected loss in sales and customer goodwill is less than the cost of using other reactive alternatives or aggressive alternatives, or adding the capacity needed to satisfy demand.

The major stores pushing boxes can afford to sell for less. The activity relationship diagram is then adjusted by trial and error until a satisfactory adjacency pattern is obtained.

People have their own Call us Or, mail us at: The role of computers have gone much beyond debates, discussions and doubts. The chain stores have better economics. Their component costs are less and they benefit from volume buying with the main vendors.

Candidates must make sure that their answers should be correctly giving adequate consideration to your expression, style and presentation.

They can show the variation in a process or deviation from design specifications. Com, MSc and B.


As high-lighted in Figure It is an information system used to plan and control inventories and capacities in manufacturing companies. Department 4 is arbitrarily selected for this purpose. Q2 Explain the importance of forecasting in Production Management.

The CRAFT method follows the same basic idea that we developed in the layout of the toy factory, but with some signicant operational differences. An organization is a social system wherein its members try to achieve their private goals while achieving the A process characteristic indicating the degree to which the process produces the required output at minimum resource cost.

The Balanced Scorecard originated in the early s. Management can adjust work-force levels by hiring or laying off employees. Clearly,doubling the distance between Departments 6 and 7accounted for the major part of the cost increase.

What is the balanced scorecard BSC? Explain the common principles on quality amongst the theory of Deming, Juran, Crosby and Baldridge criteria. The degree to which a product or service meets customer requirements and expectations.

MS-11 Strategic Management

This system launches orders to control work-in-process and raw materials inventories through proper timing of order placement. On the other hand, if this is a new product line, such information would have to come fromrouting sheets or from estimates by knowledgeable personnel such as process or industrial engineers.

Crosby made two key points in his arguments about the responsibility of the quality department, and not the individual worker. Aggregate planning typically focuses on manufacturing several aspects of operations-aggregate production, inventory, and personnel levels-to minimize costs over some planning horizon while satisfying demand and policy requirements.- Ignou MSW Solved Assignments for Masters of Social Work Our Aim is to provide you better assistance to the students with fresh content at our best, these are prepared by private tutor or faculties hence the chances of errors is minor but can’t be denied.

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Igou ms 11 solved assignments 2013
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