Interfictions an anthology of interstitial writing a letter

Did you have a particular definition of interstitiality in mind before you began reading the stories? I would strip away a layer of him for every succeeding stage of his capture and confinement, make him denser, simpler, truer -- smaller -- for every door he is dragged through, every narrower, darker, harder cell he inhabits, until he is so small and pure he can slip through the bars of his cage, the keyhole of his door.

In this interview — excerpted from the book's afterword — they discuss the idea of interstitial fiction, their editorial process, and the nature of literature that falls between the cracks But her book refuses to accept her attention, and her mind wanders at whim.

So, what is it? Stuck emotionally in a place where the phone rings every day to tell her there is no news -- and she is terrified of the day the message may be different -- she struggles to write, to accomplish something that will give her some relief.

Like his brother, he vanished into nothing.

She thinks about what she would write, she ponders it, but always she comes back to where she is: The most familiar example is probably "Beauty and the Beast. What can you expect from someone who teaches literature for a living? But the other thing I know is that every interstitial story defines itself as unlike any other.

Some are crazy, some stoic, and the unnamed narrator, a townsperson who relates the whole sordid story as if giving a macabre tour, is just as befuddled as the reader as to why these people stayed until the bitter end.

And I fell in love with the styles of both stories, with their poetry. It really stopped, not just the rat-pain that she knew about, but the black tarpits of her thinking and feeling -- they stopped too.

So while the spectrum of fertile fictional borderlands is very broad, the focus of Interfictions 2 is comparably narrow. He shot her up and just after the needle came away from her skin -- it stopped. But it took more than a kiss in this fairytale -- which is always the way it is, you know.

There is much here to delight and confound readers of any age. An interstitial story takes artistic chances. I assumed it was the name of her cat As co-editor Delia Sherman says in an afterword interview, interstitial artists "need something behind us, a passport out of the genre ghetto in the wider literary world.

I argued that they were influenced by different literary traditions. Many of his plays are written within the conventions of their genres: Or to be unable to forget?Summary Bibliography: Delia Sherman You are not logged in.

Interfictions Online - () Interfictions Online, An Anthology of Interstitial Writing () with Christopher Barzak. Anthologies. The Horns of Elfland () with Ellen Kushner and Donald G.

Interfictions: An Anthology of Interstitial Writing

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Interfictions 2: An Anthology of Interstitial Writing

Interfictions 2 will appeal to readers (and writers) who lurk on the borderline between speculative fiction and literature. As Alaya Dawn Johnson writes in her contributor’s note, "It’s in the spaces between the pieces of the puzzle that the reader finds a story"; while this was written as a commentary on The Score, it can also apply to Interfictions 2 as a whole.

Delia Sherman (born ) is a fantasy writer and editor. Her novel The Porcelain Dove won the Mythopoeic Fantasy Award. She was born in Tokyo and brought up in New York City/5(K).

From Modern Mythcraft to Magical Surrealism

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Interfictions an anthology of interstitial writing a letter
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